Haulmace 2018 Intro

Nigeria is a developing country with a growing economy. On daily basis, commercial activities are taking place to meet the needs of the over 190 million people across the country. In doing this, large volume of cargo (largely by road), are moved every day from one point to another. This is why it has been established all over the world that haulage is indispensable to every nation’s economy.

Unlike in many developed countries where large volume of cargo is moved by rail, sea and pipeline; over 90% of cargo in Nigeria is moved by road. As a result of this development, many light and heavy good vehicles ply the Nigerian roads every day, leaving all road users at risk. In view of this, establishing the culture of safety among cargo transporters on the Nigerian roads is urgently needed now like never before.

While discussing safety on the Nigerian roads, there are three major factors that need to be considered. The first factor is the OPERATOR (DRIVER of the truck). It is very important for the truck drivers to always think safety. Therefore, the DRIVER needs to be trained and retrained to ensure that he is safety conscious. The second factor is the TRUCK itself. The truck should undergo routine and preventive maintenance; every component of the truck must be of high and standard quality. The third factor is the ROAD. In actual fact, the road is given; this is where road planning comes to play. Measures must be put in place on how to ply the road and ensure the safety of the truck and the goods.

The effect of car or bus’ accident may be minimal but a truck in motion can be a weapon of mass destruction because of its weight. Such a vehicle even becomes deadlier when it is loaded and not properly handled. Many lives and properties have been lost owing to truck accidents on the Nigerian roads, just as high volumes of goods have also been lost. It is for these reasons that every stakeholder in cargo transportation needs to be involved in HAULMACE 2018 in order to establish a culture of safety standard on the Nigerian roads.


Safety of life, goods and the trucks carrying the goods has been of serious concern to all stakeholders. As a result of this, HAULMACE 2018 is aimed at inculcating a culture of safety among all stakeholders in cargo transportation. The proposed theme for HAULMACE 2018 is “Safety of Life and Property: an Imperative for Cargo Transportation on Nigerian Roads”.  HAULMACE 2018 is scheduled to hold on October 3 at the prestigious City Hall, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, by 9:00am GMT.



The aim of HAULMACE 2018 is to bring every stakeholder in cargo transportation and supply chain management together to avail them the opportunity of deliberating on how a culture of safety can be developed and entrenched on Nigerian roads.



After attending HAULMACE 2018, every stakeholder in the cargo transportation on Nigerian roads is expected to be safety conscious and also go away with practical actionable steps to promoting and entrenching a culture of safety in their various organizations.



Expected participants at HAULMACE 2018 include:

  • Chief Executives of haulage companies.
  • Supply chain managers and logistics directors of various organizations.
  • Managing Director/ Chief Executives of companies.
  • Executives and members of various associations in the haulage industry (NARTO, PTD, NUPENG)
  • Safety personnel and experts.
  • Relevant law enforcement/governmental agencies.
  • Banks and other financiers of haulage assets.
  • Insurance Companies etc.



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