We need to partner with our drivers, says MD AOP Logistics, Rotimi

               …As OCP Africa boss, Usoh urges truck owners to invest more on drivers

The Managing Director, AOP Logistics, Mrs. Titilayo Rotimi has charged haulage operators and truck owners in the country to encourage their drivers and as well treat the drivers well in such a way that they will have a sense of belonging in the business, saying such gesture will make them to behave responsibly on the road.

MD AOP Logistics, Mrs. Titilayo Rotimi

While making remark at the 2018 edition of Haulage & Logistics Magazine Annual Conference & Exhibition (HAULMACE 2018), Rotimi who was one of the panellists at the event urged haulage operators to partners with their drivers in their business, pointing that even though some drivers act like miscreant, no haulage operator can do without the drivers.

She said “we need to encourage our drivers. Though some of them may be acting like miscreant, still we cannot do without them. As a haulage operator, even if I can drive truck, I can’t drive more than one truck at a time, so it is important for us to partner with the drivers, we should see them as a key partner in the business. We need to give them a real sense of belonging in the business, may be by doing that, we will be able to change their orientation and make them to know that they are part of stakeholder in the business, so that when they are on the road, they will be safety conscious and act right.

Meanwhile, the Country Manager and Deputy Managing Director for OCP Africa Fertilizers Nigeria Limited, Mr. Caleb Usoh has called on haulage operators and truck owners in the country to invest more on their drivers, saying such move will give the drivers the real sense of belonging that they need to behave responsibly when they are on the road.

Deputy MD OCP Africa Fertiliser, Mr Usoh

Usoh, who was one of the panelists at HAULMACE 2018, observed that many haulage operators and truck owners are not treating their drivers well and as a result, the drivers are not giving their best to the business.

He said “I must say that most of the haulage operators and truck owners see the drivers as nuisance, whereas, they are the most needed asset for the business to move on, we commit goods and trucks that are in several millions into their hand, yet we don’t invest in them as we ought to, whereas there should be special workshops and seminars arrangement for the drivers”.

“Let us start treating the drivers as important stakeholders in the business and in the industry. Let us make them to look important. Today, it has been established that the drivers constitute most of the problems in the industry but it is because of the way some of them are being treated. Let’s start inviting them to coffee, let’s start inviting them for special launch, let’s pay them well and before we know it, their orientation will change, Usoh said.

The OCP Africa boss reiterated that the drivers in the industry know themselves and know how they can discipline themselves but they should be treated well. He said “invest in the drivers, organise training and seminar for them, the industry should treat them well. If we are talking about safety on the road, the drivers should be the first target; hence the industry should invest in the drivers”.

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