Truckers association should involve in CSR

The managing director, Dove Shipping and Logistics Services, Mr. Gbenga Adeniyi has called on truckers associations in the country to involve in community/ corporate social responsibilities activities, as their little way of giving back to the society.

Adeniyi made this call during a brief chat with Haulage & Logistics Magazine recently. He charged the various associations in the haulage and logistics sector to always give back to the society where they are operating; stressing that such gesture, which could be in any form, will help to a large extent in ameliorating some of the developmental challenges in the industry and in the society at large.

He said “transporters should do CSR. They should always try and give back to the community that permits them to carry out your business. Many multinational are paying tax, company tax Payee among others, yet they are still carrying out CSR in the community where they operate. So the transport union and associations should use part of the money they are collecting to fix some part of the road, even if it is palliative measure.

“If they do that they can go to the government and say this is what we have done to support you, do this for us to alleviate our plight. The hand of giver is always on top”, Adeniyi said.