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Operators List Benefits of Dry Port

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September 10, 2015


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Operators List Benefits of Dry Port

 Operators of the dry port in Kaduna have listed the benefits that would accrue to Nigeria when it starts operations shortly.

Apart from creating employment opportunities for Nigerians, especially the youths, who are presently roaming the streets for non-existent jobs, it would also generate revenue into the coffers of the government thereby boosting the economy.

Managing Director of Inland Container Nigeria Limited, Mr. Ismail Yusuf, operators of the Kaduna dry port said the operations of the dry port would add value to the economy of the country, especially Kaduna State.

"When our operations take off fully, which will be very soon, there will be job opportunities for different categories of people. Even those who provide services such as truck owners will be taking cargoes from the dry port to various warehouses. The government will also benefit from it through taxes and value added tax (VAT)," he said.

He applauded the government for ensuring that the dry port got its gazette in May, besides its upgrading the inland container depot into a dry port with the status of a port of origin and final destination.

He said the dry port was a joint venture with the Kaduna State Government to ease the stress of moving cargoes for export or import from the northern part of the country.

“Those importing raw materials or finished goods will no longer come to Lagos because we are now close to them. Now, they are saved the cost of travelling and cost of accommodation as we will bring the service to their doorstep at a cheaper rate and with ease,’’ Yusuf said.

According to him, the dry port new status would link it fast with the international business community, while staff members would be exposed to capacity building through several training and re-training programmes.

Deputy General Manager and Head of Operations of the dry port, Mr. Rotimi Raimi said the company’s operations would open greater business frontiers in the Northern region, thus encouraging trade and commerce in the area.

Raimi said that export of goods from Kaduna to any part of the world would be easy now and would facilitate investments, particularly in the region.

On freight cost with regards to the mode of movement, Raimi said the company was already talking with the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) for an understanding to facilitate easy movement of cargoes.

Raimi said the company was also speaking with some haulage companies for movement by road to ensure diverse modes of moving goods.

He stated that the dry port would be a great support to the textile industry, making the movement easy for businesses in the Northern region and beyond.

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